Spring’s Sprung in Sevenhill

Now that we’ve reached mid-October, Spring is well and truly upon us! With so much happening here at Mitchell Wines, it's hard to know where to begin. So why not kick off where it all starts… in the vineyard!

We have just finished pruning our vineyards, so we’re currently in the process of doing a little weed control around the place so things don’t get out of hand and stay looking neat and tidy. Sadly, plenty of wineries reach for harmful sprays and chemicals when it comes to taking care of weeds, however, we always prefer taking the environmentally friendly approach. So, rather than using herbicides, we have been busy mechanically removing the weeds under our vines instead.

We are also in the process of cutting the cover crop that we grew in the mid-rows over Winter and cultivating the plant matter into the soil. Now if you’re wondering, “Why do you bother planting a cover crop if you don’t even harvest it?” – there is a method to our madness! Not only do cover crops prevent erosion and control weeds for starters, cultivating these crops returns essential nutrients like nitrogen back into the soil. And without healthy soil, vines will always struggle to produce the best fruit that they possibly can.

Here in the Clare Valley, we have been super blessed to receive some magnificent rainfall over the last month and we have no hesitation in saying that our vines have absolutely flourished as a result. Overall, budburst has been brilliant with very even growth throughout the vineyard. Following a challenging 2019 growing season, this comes as great news for the 2021 vintage ahead! After all, the best wines always begin with the highest quality grapes… and naturally you can’t expect to harvest a bumper crop without thriving, prosperous vines.

With the arrival of Spring, our vineyard isn’t the only place that has been bustling with excitement - here at our cellar door we have also been busier than ever! And what better way to spend a beautiful Spring afternoon than outdoors in our picturesque cellar door gardens? Plus, we have just added a new selection of delicious cheeses supplied by@cheeseculture_intto our cheeseboards including, Comte 15 month (the most popular cheese in France), Gorgonzola Picante and Queso Manchego Maturado 12 month! And of course, our cheeseboards still include all your favourites – salami, pickled veg and house-made quince paste. We are open from 11am-5pm daily and offer business pick up options, so why not pop in to visit this weekend?

Behind the scenes, we have also been working hard planning NEW wine experiences at Mitchell Wines. These will be announced next month, and we can’t wait to share them with you. So, stay tuned and keep an eye out for details.

We’ve also been busy bottling new vintage wines and working on perfecting this vintage's wines too. When we asked our Winemaker, Simon Pringle what Spring looks like at Mitchell Wines, we were surprised to find out he has quite the poetic side to him! Here’s what he had to say…

“While Spring in the vineyard is certainly a period bursting with new life and energy, in the winery it is a much more calm and quiet time. The 2020 Watervale Riesling has completed fermentation and is looking clean and fresh, ready for bottling. The Shiraz, Grenache and Cabernet from the 2020 vintage are in oak for their 2-year sojourn in the cellar. This is the time of year when we can spend lots of energy considering our blends and preparing wines for bottling. While outside blooms, inside we quietly consider the best ways to present our wines for you to enjoy.” Simon Pringle (Winemaker)