We look to the future with a nod to our past

Our family’s wine story began more than 70 years ago, when a young mixed farmer, Peter McNicol Mitchell, used his bare hands to breathe life into a small patch of vineyard. It was a long era of hard labour, with no modern technology available, combined with a lack of long-range weather forecasts to help predict seasons of great growth or spoil.

Peter’s son is our dad, Andrew, and we are big believers in the traditional methods established in the vineyard by our grandfather, and complemented with modern winemaking, it remains at the forefront of Mitchell Wines’ operations today.

Our winery is in fact guided by three generations of passionate winemaking custodians. Andrew and Jane Mitchell now share their successes alongside the next generation of Mitchell Wines – being us – Hilary, Angus and Edwina.

And while our family’s distinctive wine label has remained in place since 2015, we have taken the opportunity to enhance our brand mark, as we get ready to take on the next chapter of our wine story. And while we are not a family who likes to tinker with these things too much, we believe we have modernised, simplified, and strengthened our branding and packaging to put our best foot forward.

And with this update in branding, we release four new vintage releases, at the very moment we see grape bunches ripening in our vineyards and signalling another vintage ahead! For us, our long days and hard work at harvest pay off when we put our wine into the bottle and release our fresh, new vintages for wine lovers across the globe to enjoy.

We are proud to release our2020 Watervale Riesling,2016 Peppertree Vineyard Shiraz,2016 GMS, andSparkling Peppertree Vineyard Shiraz.


2020Mitchell Watervale Riesling

The story of Watervale is one well worth telling, with classic, intense citrus aromas and dry tangy flavours that come alive in the mouth. Mitchell Wines’ Watervale Riesling is a refreshing wine of poise and balance with lees contact to soften the wine. It finds enough roundness in the mouth to balance a pleasingly mineral and classically crisp, dry finish.

If you like to cook, then try this wine withLemon Parsley Fish with Greek Salad. This dish is quick and easy, and we think it brings out the best characters in our Riesling.


2016 Peppertree Vineyard Shiraz

Spicy, peppery, and intense, our Shiraz is neither heavy nor jammy. This is a stylish and sophisticated Shiraz that embodies the concept of terroir. The vineyard’s unique characteristics continue to influence the flavour and structure of this delightful lighter style red. First vintage made in 1984.

This Shiraz is a beautiful wine to be enjoyed on its own or paired with food. If pairing with food is your preference, our Peppertree Vineyard Shiraz is the perfect accompaniment for hearty red meats like beef or kangaroo, so try this dish on for size -Kangaroo Fillet & Roasted Baby Vegetable Salad.


2016 Grenache Mataro Shiraz

Our first Mitchell Wines GMS dates to 1994 with fruit sourced from the dry grown Auburn Hills vineyard. This is a wine that perfectly captures the smell of a vineyard during vintage – a combination of the vines, dust and earth derived from the spicy fragrance of Grenache, the juiciness of the Shiraz and the savoury aromas of Mataro.

In terms of dishes to consider for pairing with our2016 GMS, you can’t go past a perfectly searedSkillet Rib Eye Steak– this coupling will not disappoint or your guests!


Sparkling Peppertree Shiraz

The ability to blend many vintages of Peppertree Vineyard Shiraz provides great consistency of quality and flavour in this Sparkling Peppertree Shiraz. Made in the traditional method, only 500 cases of these celebratory bubbles are available each year.

We suggest serving this delightful wine with breakfast, as an aperitif, or with dessert.


Finally, history, legacy, and tradition are etched into every detail of what our family has created, and we hope you enjoy these new release wines.

- Angus, Edwina and Hilary