Our Vineyards

To make great wine you need great vineyards


Since the beginning, we’ve always believed that to make great wine you need great vineyards. And we’ve worked to implement this at every opportunity; spending years perfecting our methods and approach to amplify the unique characteristics that can only be found in the beautiful region that we call home; Clare Valley.

It was just over 10 years ago that we converted all our farming practices back to those that our grandfather, Peter McNicol Mitchell had originally implemented when he first established the vineyards. This eliminated the use of all artificial herbicides and pesticides, and we haven’t looked back since. Ten years on and we have continued to employ sustainable practices at every opportunity. This has resulted in rich soils and vineyards that are full of life, harvesting powerful flavours and a vibrant energy that is present in all our wines.

We have three key vineyards in Clare Valley that range in altitude from 300 to 450 metres; the Sevenhill Vineyard, Alcatraz Vineyard and Growers Vineyard.

Sevenhill Vineyard

The Sevenhill Vineyard is where it all began back in 1949 when Peter McNicol purchased the family farm. The land, formerly an orchard, has been used to grow fruit for more than 100 years, but it was only in 1982 that the vineyard was established. High up in the western hills of the Clare Valley, rolling hills provide elevation of 430m – 480m with the surrounding stony quartzite hillside covered by native bush land.

The Sevenhill Vineyard surrounds our winery, cellar door and homestead and is made up of Cabernet Sauvignon and Gruner Veltliner vines as well as being home to the McNicol Shiraz and McNicol Riesling vines.

Alcatraz Vineyard

The Alcatraz Vineyard was planted in 1962 by Peter McNicol Mitchell and is made up of 10 hectares of Riesling, 7 hectares of Shiraz and 1.5 hectares of Semillon. These old vines are grown on red loam over limestone soils with an east-facing slope that receives the gentle morning sun and is sheltered from the direct sun in the heat of the afternoon.

These vines sit at an elevation between 390m – 410 and have always been dry grown, hand pruned and hand-picked. No artificial fertilisers, pesticides or herbicides have ever been used in growing these grapes, largely contributing to why this vineyard produces award-winning quality wines year-on-year. 

Growers Vineyard

Established in 1960, this vineyard sits on red loam over limestone in the Watervale region, where growing conditions for Riesling is near-on textbook style.

Our Growers Vineyard is made up of 9 hectares of Riesling vines and a smaller 1.5 hectares of Semillon vines with an elevation between 345m – 380m.