Kinsfolk - The newest addition to the Mitchell Collection

You could say that a love for fine wine runs in our blood. As kids, we loved growing up on the family property, helping in the vineyards and getting our hands dirty in the winery.

We watched mum and dad working hard to establish and grow Mitchell Wines; passionately tending the vines, making wines, and taking them to the world. They've done this for almost 45 years and now it seems, its our turn.

As the third generation of Mitchell's working in the business, we are thrilled to continue our parents and grandparents legacy. But rest assured, mum and dad will still be here to help out, as they love having their say and being involved, which we wouldnt change for the world.

And over the last few years, we've been tinkering away on our own Mitchell label, combining our learnings over our years together with our vision for the future. It is our newest addition to the family and is aptly named Kinsfolk!

The release of these wines is symbolic for us as a family, as it represents the unofficial changing of the guard, from one generation to the next.

These wines are small-batch and modern wines, from single vineyards. They are expressive of the site and varietal characteristics while also showcasing winemaking influence and style.

These wines are only available via our online shop and cellar door.