Grenache Mataro Shiraz


About this wine

The Mitchells believe that given the conditions of rocky barren soils, old, dry grown vines and a long ripening period, which their selected vineyards in Clare offer, the fruit develops the flavours and structure for a complex varietal blend.

The resulting wine spends almost a year in 500L mature oak barrel in order to preserve the complex array of fresh lively flavours of the variety - the black cherry and soft fruit tannins. A wine of great style with both power and finesse.

New Release Vintage2014






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2014 Grenache/Mataro/Shiraz
I remember as a kid our neighbour had a tricycle...
The 'front wheel' of this wine is the (40%) Grenache. It has those delicious red fruit and spicy aromas that make your mouth water while the two back wheels of (31%) Mataro adding a hint of licorice and (29%) Shiraz some dark fruits.
Tasting the wine was a bit of a surprise. I expected the Grenache to continue to be the main driver on the palate but that was not the case. Yes, it provided those juicy red fruit and spicy notes here too but the Mataro chimed in with some good plummy mid palate weight, savouriness and firm but fair tannins. The Shiraz, well, that certainly held up its 'third wheel' role with some darker fruit richness and good length.
Words from a wine glass